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Ho to meditate? => 7D2M

How to meditate?

Use 7D2M approach = 7D’s to good Mediation

1️⃣ Develop the routine – preferably at the same time in the day and the same place.

2️⃣ Do it – take 5 or 10 minutes (or whatever time you want to invest). Set up a timer.

3️⃣ Dignity – assume a comfortable sited posture, spine erect, eyes closed.

4️⃣ Define intention and focal point – what is your purpose of meditation and what will be your anchor - either mantra or your breath; I choose breath.

5️⃣ Distraction – be aware that there will be: perceptions, thoughts, emotions and body sensations. Remember this is natural, and they are not your enemies.

6️⃣ Determination – when distractions, especially thoughts come, become aware of them and bring attention back to your breath or mantra. You cannot and you do not want to get rid of your thoughts.

7️⃣ Discipline – stay with it and develop a new habit. Meditation is ultimate mind training.

Now you know. Just do it.

And remember, you don’t meditate to get better at meditation. There is no such thing as a perfect meditation. The purpose of meditation is to be better at life.

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