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Do you feel stressed?

I used to have trouble with stress management. It was so bad that it kept me awake at night and then getting up in the morning was a struggle! This then make things even worse and I could not concentrate properly during the day and felt anxious.

If you feel stressed or you are not performing at your best, I recommend to check out my new book Successful Under Pressure for getting tools and techniques that can help you.

I know, people are paying thousands of dollars for online or live courses where they teach these techniques. But you can get them for small fraction of that amount in my book. I explained them step by step so you can easily incorporate them in your daily routine.

For example, you will find great tools that you can do when the pressure, stress really happened – in real time. No need to step out of the “game” but you can do it while “playing”.

But that is not all. If you buy a book, you will get a bunch of extra resources that can help you achieve your desired outcome even faster. Among others they include, two e-books, a book What is Your Message: Learn to Trust Your Inner Compass by Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph. D, MCC By many she is known as a mother of coaching. And more.

All designed to help you be better when it matters most in every area of your life from your…

· WORK life. After all, 1/3 of your life is spent working (and more for some!) So, it’s crucial you optimize it.

· To your ENERGY. Because you’re going to have a hard time actualizing your potential if you don't have lots of energy.

· And of course, RELATIONSHIP. Yes, you will face challenges in this area as well.

4-7-8 breathing technique is one of my favorites for reducing stress in a real moment, but I wonder what yours will be?!

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Thank you!

Thank you once again for your journey with "Successful Under Pressure" promotional campaign. Your support has been instrumental and deeply appreciated. 🙏 If you bought the book and it ignited a spark

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