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Successful Under Pressure Book

Imagine being able to pick yourself up quickly after a failure, to face problems effectively, to be confident, focused, and prepared for important events in your life.

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Has It Ever Happened to You?


You can’t sleep because tomorrow is an important day in your life. You know you will be sleepless in the morning, and your head will be heavy. You’re restless, looking at the clock that shows 2:11 a.m., and you haven’t closed your eyes yet. You go through different scenarios. Your heart beats hard, you sweat, and then the extra nervousness comes because you can’t sleep. What can you do?


You are about to have an important business event: you will present a key project to the company's management, you have a speech at a conference that can open new business opportunities, important business negotiations await you. You have a career match ahead of you. You are in the final round of an important tournament, and you are gripped by panic and nervousness. Doubts surround you, and you feel insecure. You have no energy. What can you do?


You came home tired after a hard day’s work. Work obligations have drained all your energy and, at home, you have children waiting for you, who are already looking forward to playing and socializing with you, and you are barely alive. You have neither the energy nor the will. What can you do?


Successful Under Pressure Cover

You have a sixth sense that this person is right for you. You would like to spend all of your days with him or her. But you are afraid of rejection; you are afraid to tell them how you feel. What can you do?


Negotiations on an important business deal have failed. You have been rejected. You have lost a loved one. You are without energy and willpower. You feel really bad. Everything is lost. You are surrounded by black, catastrophic thoughts. You are at the bottom. What can you do?


The book Successful Under Pressure: Proven Techniques for Relieving Stress and Increasing Resilience is a guide that can help you with such and similar situations in life. In it, you will find useful techniques that can help you be the best when it is most needed.

Among other things, you will learn how to:


  • Stay calm under pressure.

  • Recover quickly after stressful events.

  • Use your hidden resources to improve your mood and attitude.

  • Be mentally fit to make better decisions in life.

  • Maintain an optimistic attitude.

  • Prepare well for important events and reduce nervousness.

  • Improve concentration.

  • Find your own unique way to prepare for important events.

  • Renew and even increase your energy every day.

  • Increase your self-discipline and self-confidence.

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Who is this book for?

Life is too short to deal with stress, negative emotions, sadness, anger, fear, anxiety, regret, resentment, or drown in hopelessness without the right strategies and knowledge. These emotions reduce our ability to solve the problems we face as well as weaken our resilience. Living in fear and constant worry weakens the immune system and makes us more susceptible to disease.  Self-treatment with sedatives, energy drinks, stimulants, alcohol, nicotine, drugs, etc., is neither a good nor a sustainable solution. There is a better way, and I believe the book Successful Under Pressure will help you find it.


The book is intended for those who believe that there is more in us than we are willing to admit. I believe we all have tremendous potential, but we need to awaken it. The promise of this book is exactly that. It will help you overcome fear and make the best of yourself—at the times when it is most needed. Note: only if you play your part and grab and use the tips in this book can you expect benefits.

Successful Under Pressure is a practical self-help book written for those who want to improve their psychophysical health and strengthen their energy and ability to enjoy life. It is for anyone looking for tools, techniques, and skills to improve their performance and pick up faster after failures and problems. This is a book that will help you get back on your feet quickly or successfully prepare for an important event. At the same time, it will help you develop and grow as a person.

Successful Under Pressure Athletes
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A letter from the Author

Look around you and pay attention to the energy you see in other people. I notice exhaustion and fatigue. People are out of energy, struggling to survive. They wait for the weekend to recover and then fall back into the routine of everyday stress. However, this does not have to be the case.

What if we could wake up in the morning rested and start the day with a great energy ritual? What if we could tackle daily commitments full of energy and enthusiasm? What if we could pick ourselves up quickly after failures, disappointments, and problems? What if you could properly prepare for the important event ahead of you?

In my new book, Successful Under Pressure, I introduce you to all the key techniques for reducing and managing stress, and increasing optimism, self-confidence, and resilience. You will get tools for high performance. You probably already know some of them as they have been with us for millennia. I’m sure, though, you’ll find a few new ones you haven’t thought about yet.
Best of all, you can perform most of the techniques presented in 90 seconds to 3 minutes. Which means you can use them in real time: when you really need them.
The book is the result of my search for performance tools, which began in 2004 with personal experience. Since then, I have been systematically monitoring research and the latest discoveries in this area. The book has 354 pages and contains 52 best techniques and tools, as well as numerous information and practical examples of use. Successful Under Pressure is a guide to energy management, stress reduction, and building true resilience.
I firmly believe that we are stronger than we think or dare to admit. As one of the first readers wrote, “We carry all the life force within us, we just have to find and activate it.” This book will show you how to do that.
Live the full and fulfilled life you deserve. Use the effective “secrets” of resilience, optimism, confidence, and performance presented in my groundbreaking new book, Successful Under Pressure.
Janez Hudovernik

Janez Hudovernik author of Successful under Pressure
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Why is the Book Successful Under Pressure Different?

There are many books on the market that offer you tips and techniques for high efficiency. So why exactly Successful Under Pressure? Because nowhere else will you get such a comprehensive guide that covers a variety of tools and techniques gathered in one place. Life happens so fast that we need more skills, more than just one tool to survive, let alone be successful. Today, we need an arsenal of tools to succeed. Different activities and situations require different tools. Since not every tool will work for you, you need to find the right one.

In this book, you will find a detailed explanation of the 52 best performance tools, strategies, and interventions on how to be the best when needed. They will guide you step-by-step to prepare for important events, pick yourself up after failures, and deal effectively with the challenges and problems that are an integral part of life.

You can read the book as a whole or choose a chapter or a technique that you feel will help you the most at a given moment. You will find research-proven techniques to increase resilience, confidence, and energy.

In my 30 years of working with leaders, managers, sales representatives, and top athletes, I have witnessed how these techniques have changed lives. Whether you get an order or not, motivate or hire your team or not, whether you are the best at the World Cup or you “freeze” . . . it is important to be the best when it is most needed. These techniques, presented in one book, can and will help you with this.

Successful Under Pressure is a book in which you will find everything you will ever need to unlock all your hidden potential and powers that you may not even be aware of today. Your search can end, and the path to success can begin.

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The best techniques in one place

A book that you will pick up when you encounter important events or problems in life.
Contains the best techniques for managing stress, improving focus, keeping calm under pressure, and managing personal energy.

Supported by Research and Tested in Practice

All techniques are scientifically validated, supported by research and the many experiences of the people who have used them. Proven in business, personal, and sports environments.

Quick results

You need 3 minutes to perform most of the techniques, and the results are immediate. You also don’t need any extra gadgets. You can use them wherever you are and whenever you need them.

Easy to use

The techniques are presented in steps as recipes for success. You don’t need to look for a guru or a teacher. You simply go through the instructions step-by-step and incorporate the techniques into your life.

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My name is Janez Hudovernik. I have obtained a BSc. I started my professional career and gained business experience in the companies LIP Bled d.o.o. and IBM Slovenija d.o.o. I am dedicated to constant and never-ending improvement and education. That is why I have continuously upgraded these experiences with numerous trainings at home and abroad. I am a voracious reader and have a library of more than one thousand titles on human performance.

Today, I work for the consulting company Pro Acta, d.o.o. which is a licensed partner of persolog International, and I collaborate with various consulting companies.
Cooperation with Dr. Jim Loehr, author of The Power of Full Engagement, has guided me on a new path, namely understanding the importance of human energy for success. Thus, in 2006 I started conducting workshops on the topic of how to efficiently manage our own energy. I am constantly upgrading my knowledge in this field by working with many renowned experts.

Janez Hudovernik author of Successful Under Pressure

I am the co-author of books: How to Build a Winning Sales Team, One-Minute Fitness for Body and Soul, and Become a Pilot of Your Business (all at the moment only available in Slovenian language).


I live in Sp. Laze, a small village in the municipality of Gorje, a few kilometers from Bled, together withmy family. My hobbies are reading, especially professional literature in the field of performance, andwalking with my family and our dog Zen, a white Swiss shepherd. If time allows, I like to watch a goodseries or movie.You can contact me by e-mail at also suggest that we connect through social networks.


Certificates and Licenses I Have Obtained:

• Certified Breathing Instructor according to the Oxygen Advantage® method.

• Psychological Fitness Specialist (Human Potential Institute; Dave Asprey and Dr. MarkAtkinson).

• Resiliency Trainer (Adaptive Learning System).

• Certified Executive Coach at Stakeholder Centered Coaching by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith.

• Executive Coaching (Performance Consultants International, student of Sir John Whitmore andTim Gallwey, who introduced the GROW model and the principle of the inner game).

• Certified Trainer for persolog Personality Model (popular DISC).

• Certified Trainer for conducting sales workshops according to the SPIN Selling method(Huthwaite International).

You will find me on: 

You’re Welcome to Join! 

I am offering live trainings, webinars, and online coaching. You are welcome to attend these trainings and coachings, or you can bring me to your organization to train your employees in Energy Management and Resiliency.

Please write to: 

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Chérie Carter-Scott endorses Successful Under Pressure

Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. MCC, Author of If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules

“It is both generous and kind for Janez Hudovernik to share so much information and techniques for us to place in our Successful Life toolbox. In these uncertain times, we need his research and experience to manage daily life. In my philosophical book, If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules, I present successful universal truths. Successful Under Pressure is the perfect companion to my book in that it gives you tools to use daily for a myriad of situations. Upbeat, positive, and replete with so much information that you might need to order several copies for your home, office, and your car! Use it with clients, acquaintances, and even family members! Go for it! You’ll be happy that you did!”


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Kind regards!

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